Big Blu Micro Leak Detector (3.785 litre)

Product code: RT100G
Product Group : Liquid Leak Detection
General Information
Product Group : Liquid Leak Detection
The Big Blu range of bubble leak detectors is used by OEMs and industry professionals worldwide. These strong, persistent film forming liquids are the only bubble/foam indicators capable of detecting micro gas leakage as small as 18.5 grams per year. Big Blu is certified for use on any grade of gas, including hospital-grade oxygen. Big Blu is food industry compliant (NSF certified), biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable and does not contain chlorine, aliphatic amines, or ammonium compounds.
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RT100S-Big-Blu-Leak-Detector-Solution-SDS-2022-EN.pdf Safety data sheet pdf 101.07 KB