JUL 14 2022

Introducing New Danfoss ProsaLink Smart Monitoring

Written by: Dio Zhao

JUL 14 2022
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Introducing New Danfoss ProsaLink Smart Monitoring

Written by: Dio Zhao

With ProsaLink – simple app-based for food store owners.

ProsaLink app, paired with the PR-SC4 connectivity device is a user-friendly, real-time temperature monitoring and automatic data logging solution – combined with alarm notifications to act immediately.

Up to 4 cold rooms, display cabinets, refrigerators or freezers can be connected to one device. And you can have an easy overview of all your connected equipment across your sites in the same app.


Download the app from Google Play store

Download the app from Apple app store


Ensure quality & safety

Monitor all of your refrigeration assets at any time, from anywhere with our mobile app or the web portal.

Reduce food loss costs

Save up to  2000€  / yearly and get alerted instantly when problems are detected. Safeguard your reputation!

Stop paper work

Save up to 300€ / yearly with Prosa IoT automated data logging system.

On top of that, you reduce your carbon footprint!

How it works

1 – Buy your Prosa kit from your local Patton branch

Choose with your installer if you need the PR-SC4K kit for Modbus or for Direct connection.

All what you need to monitor your refrigeration equipment is in one package: connectivity hardware & protection box, door contacts and temperature sensors, antenna.

2 – Get it installed by a professional installer

Up to 4 equipment can be connected to one PR-SC4 Direct device and 1 equipment with a Modbus connection.

3 – Download the app and monitor your business

Easy overview across your sites, equipment, even countries and regions. On your mobile phone and PC, at your convenience.

Upon completion of the free trial, the user will be asked to subscribe to the monitoring service. Payments will be recurring unless subscription is cancelled.

The user will automatically receive a reminder notification through the mobile app notifying of the start date of the subscription. 

Failure to subscribe will mean that the service will be withdrawn, and data network will be disconnected.


ProsaLink -simple app-based temperature monitoring, alarms and HACCP for food store owners. ProsaLink keeps an eye on your perishables around the clock and helps prevent food loss.

Watch the videos in the playlist and start using your app to monitor your refrigeration assets.

1. User and device registration
2. Device Configuration
3. Account Management
4. Cloud and live data
5. HACCP overview
6. Alarms & notifications

Contact your local Patton branch for more info or to get the equipment.

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