Hermetic - Condensing Unit
Open base units with Copeland CS compressors from 1.0 to 5.0 hp. for small cool rooms and freezer rooms utilizing refrigerants R404A and R134a. Vast range of fitted accessory options to enable the installer to customize to suit the project. Unit covers also available. All Patton hermetic condensing units are factory supplied with "Patton Coat" condenser coil and fin protection.

Hermetic Condensing Unit

  • Reliable, quiet and efficient Copeland compressors.
  • Units available for R404A and R134a.
  • Corrosion resistant materials.
  • Robust aluminium fin, copper tube condensers for high ambient temperatures and pressures.
  • Low Maintenance.
  • Factory applied blue "Patton coat" coil protection.
  • Aluminium unit covers available.

Design Features


Patton Hermetic condensing units are capable of addressing any need, starting from 1.0 hp. The units are based on dependable Copeland CS hermetic compressors and are built to provide durability, high performance and low sound level. Suited to a variety of cooling applications Patton Hermetic condensing units are predominantly used on underbench refrigeration, liquid coolers, water cooling units, commercial cool rooms and freezers, ice makers, display cases etc.

Hermetic Condensing Unit

General Assembly

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