ZQAC Series


“ZQAC” Series (EC Fan) Condensers
Ideal for larger applications, approx 35.0 hp and up, the ZQAC range provides state of the art commercial/industrial condenser with latest technology ZA Plus EC external rotor motor fans providing optimum performance. Rated for application on most common refrigerants R449A/R448A, R404A/R507, R407F/R407C and R134a etc and available in single or multiple modules. Factory supplied with "Patton Coat" fin and coil corrosion protection. 

- 20 Models
- 380-420V/3Ph/50Hz (‘0 to 10V’ or ‘0 to 20mA’ control input required.
- 1 to 16 fans (800mm Ø) 50/60 Hz

"ZQAC" Series (Three Phase) Condensers.

  • Lightweight but robust design with Stucco aluminium casings.
  • Efficient external rotor motor fans (380-420V/3/50-60Hz) in 6, 8 and 12 Pole options for optimal performance and low noise.
  • Mulitple fans and mulitple module options for flexible and accurate head pressure control.
  • Rifle bore tubes for optimized coil performance.
  • Factory applied blue "Patton coat" coil protection.

Design Features


The "ZQAC" Three Phase range is suitable for any large commercial application. Fans can be VSD applied for capacity control and units can also be applied in dry cooler configuration on consultation with your nearest Patton outlet.

"ZQAC" Series (Three Phase) Condensers.

Patton - Air Cooled Condenser Operation/Installation Instructions

General Assembly

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