Timer Defrost Paragon Time initiated/Pressure or time terminated

Invensys - Ranco

Product code: 8245-21
Product Group : Pressure Controls Mechanical
General Information
Product Group : Pressure Controls Mechanical
8245-218000 Series Defrost TimersThe Paragon® 8000 Series Commercial Defrost Controls are designed for commercial freezers and refrigerators to provide automatic defrost capability. They accommodate various types of defrost systems including electric defrost heaters, hot gas, and compressor off cycle.Features and BenefitsTime initiated; temperature, pressure or time terminated models availableHigh-amp switch contacts: 40 Amps, 2 HPPositive slider bar switch design assures positive electrical contact and wipes the contact surface of contaminatesTemperature or pressure terminated models are designed for defrost termination using an external temperature or pressure deviceSafety back-up - mechanical time-driven defrost terminationHeavy-duty synchronous design drive motorChoice of three contact arrangementsAdjustable frequency of defrost initiation from 1 to 6 cycles per day with a minimum of 4 hours between successive operationsAdjustable back-up defrost termination from 4 to 110 minutes in 2 minute incrementsHeavy-duty steel enclosure with knockouts (on the bottom, back and sides) and hasp and staple padlockAll 8240 models have an adjustable cut-in pressure dial calibrated from 36-110 pounds for R12, R22, R502